Mechanization of the Bennett argument/2009/10/13/mechanization-of-the-bennett-argument/

Mechanization of the Bennett argument

Attempts to deal with The Dramatic Universe in a public discussion end in frustration, the book is too complicated for most readers (if only because they don’t have copies!), so the question arises: a simplified version.
One such exists already:
Deeper Man (Bennett Books Spiritual Classics Editions) (Paperback)
by John G. Bennett

The problem is that Bennett’s argument, very original and fresh in DU, becomes instantly stale and cliched in the retelling.
In fact, it becomes obvious that the reasoning is highly dubious, from the law of three to the law of seven.

Inflicting this uncritically the public would backfire, but the gesture itself shows a danger in the whole Gurdjieff corpus.

The law of three and seven are supposed to be ‘objective knowledge’. It is hard to take Gurdjieff seriously finally. And we suspect the reason his exposition in All and Everything is made so obscure, to hide the silliness of the concepts.

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