New Age and Schopenhauer /2009/11/06/new-age-and-schopenhauer/

New Age and Schopenhauer

One of MBFM’s links, this one on the New Age

The so-called new age is a hybrid phenomenon that commenced during the late 1960s in the wake of the hippy boom in America. However, there were earlier references to a “new age” that were assimilated by this conglomerate trend, e.g., Alice Bailey’s Arcane School jargon. The younger generation at that time (late 1960s) became interested in occultism and Eastern religions, but much of this was a passing fad with convincing research being noticeably absent. Bits and pieces like Jung and ecology were added to the mix, which became increasingly commercial and promoted by various “alternative” bodies, notably the Esalen Institute of California

Actually the ‘New Age’ began during the Romantic Movement, with the sudden influx of information about India, and the entry of various Indian/Buddhist texts into the West.
We can see the point from Schopenhauer’s biography, in his interaction with some of the first ‘New Age’, so to speak, scholars.
Schopenhauer, most ironically, at the very start of all this, produced the most cogent appreciations of ‘Hinduism’, that is, the Upanishads, in his classic.
Noone has ever done better than that, strangely.

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