Nietzsche and atheism /2009/10/22/nietzsche-and-atheism/

Nietzsche and atheism
The ‘god is dead’ theme was originally critiqued very well by Rajneesh, no theist, and in general his critiques of religion have been imitated by the so-called New Atheists (perhaps without realizing it).

It is not really a question of ‘god’, but of obsessive belief. The idea of ‘god’ enters Bennett’s system, by the way, from many angles, even as you suspect that he has lost his standard faith (even as he exhibits an outer Christianity).
In one perspecitive, ‘god’ is the third reconciling force in every triad, an interesting, if ultimately inadequate, redefinition.
‘God’ also enters almost inevitably as the result of the (atheist) Samkhya cascade as ‘Universal Individuality’ and ‘Cosmic Individuality’, conceptual entities spawned almost automatically by his own sets of distinctions.

But, appropriately, he dares only the phrase ‘unfathomable’ as he reaches the highest triad in the Samkhya series, beyond which some ‘point’ of unity is by defintion posited by the system. It is something inconceivable, infiinitely far away, and possibly the point comes where a paper airplane should be made from the whole scheme of purloined Samkhya, originally the creation of ‘non-theists’.

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