Samkhya and cosmological scale/2009/10/23/samkhya-and-cosmological-scale/

Samkhya and cosmological scale

Comment on Nietzsche and atheism

James said,
23.10.09 at 8:30 am

“But, appropriately, he dares only the phrase ‘unfathomable’ as he reaches the highest triad in the Samkhya series, beyond which some ‘point’ of unity is by defintion posited by the system.”

Do you mean the most refined state of prakriti (I guess it would be Buddhi using the terminology of the Samkhya)?

The ‘samkhyas’ are no longer compatible by the time Bennett has finished.
But I will at least say he doesn’t hype this aspect of his version.
Keep in mind his samkhya is pegged to the hierarchy of cosmic objects, and that at this point his scale is beyond the level of galaxies. A useful reminder at least that assertions about divinity are from a more innocent age and don’t seem so intuitive on the scale of cosmological entities.

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