That shit head gangster fascist Gurdjieff/2009/10/30/that-shit-head-gangster-fascist-gurdjieff/

That shit head gangster fascist Gurdjieff

I think that Bennett’s perspective should be used to insist on an open ‘fourth way’ path, no dogmatic/authoritarian gurus, no Gurdjieff worship (that shit head gangster Gurdjieff), and the obvious indication from Bennett (unfortunately he botched his account) that modernity is a ‘new epoch’ in world history, and that its freedoms and demand for equality must be taken seriously.

In fact, Gurdjieff completely wrecked his whole teaching by the extraneous reactionary elements he brought to it. This never had any real place in spirituality anyway.
As we have seen there are a number of suspicious moments that explain the views of super-conservatives like Gurdjieff: e.g. the spurious fraud in the concoction of Vedic Hinduism, one of histories greatest put ons, and an attempt by the Aryan aristocracy of millennia ago to rip off the Indian tradition and make it look Indo-European.

The crystallization of authoritarian guruism was never intrinsic to any ancient spiritual path.

Note: the title of this post is an exercise for Gurdjieff lickspittles to flush out their anger, and initiate their autonomy with respect to the work tradition, or pseudo-tradition. Don’t let the ripoff happen, or the fake tradition be created.

Remember the Aryan warriors ripped off a whole traditon and corrupted it.
don’t expect anything better if you let the Gurdjieff types take over the ‘fourth way’.

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