Wilber’s sophistical evasions on evolution/2009/11/01/wilbers-sophistical-evasions-on-evolution/

Wilber’s sophistical evasions on evolution

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution, Second Edition (Paperback)
~ Ken Wilber

I went looking for, and found, this compendium of crap on the subject of evolution.
The Cohen and Wilber gangs are too chicken to come out and criticize evolution/Darwinism, because they fear for their market share, and the result is a book like this, a dreary pile prevarication that says nothing about evolution.
As critics of Darwinism (at Darwiniana) we take the full brunt of the Darwin propaganda machine, and shouldn’t have to deal with celebrity hustlers like Cohen and Wilber. Their success is based on the peddling of crap.

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