A controlled environment? 2009/11/18/a-controlled-environment/

A controlled environment?

Finished a speed-read of Stripping the Gurus, very interesting. I welcome the critiques.
However, as we look back on the past generation of New Agers, we see that ALL (??!) the major figures ended in scandal. We should be suspicous! It defies probability.

Remember the West is a monotheistic disguised totalitarian environment run by Christian (Islamic) occultists controlling Christian slaves, with its own occult monopoly. They don’t take fly by night Eastern gurus lying down.
There are a lot of jokers in the background chuckling under their breath: a complete wipe-out across the board.
Figures like E.J. Gold are just on the outside of that. They have a good time fomenting sex scandals.
You never see the Christian occult world. Never, ever.
Islamic sufism is a degeneted situation where the truth has leaked out, up to a point.

In this totalitarian environment you are not allowed any occult awareness of what is going on.

So a sex-scandal in a Westernizing guru doesn’t amount to much. There are far more dangerous possibilities, with disciples as victims.

All these people are getting blown to bits coming out of the trenches.

Consider that pseudo decoy, Aleister Crowley, with his vicious mania for occult war. Stay away from his phony materials, but consider his example and the obessive and predatory mania to attack and destroy spiritual figures.

All these gurus so-called never knew what hit them.

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