Andrea Tonkavich — get anonymous!/2010/01/20/andrea-tonkavich-get-anonymous/

Andrea Tonkavich — get anonymous!

I wanted to relink to the post from yesterday: Comment from another survivor

Andrea Tonkavich said,
18.01.10 at 3:02 pm ·
i’ve been watching this site from a distance, nemo, for some time, although you know nothing about me, your work here (mbfm too) has been very helpful to me. i am a survivor of the type of spiritual abuse the operators you write about here perpetrate. i.e. psychic warfare. it’s invisible, often even within the communities themselves. so as with other forms of abuse, the survivors and those who speak out against them are discredited and seen as ‘unbalanced,’ malicious or just plain wrong. i’ve also observed that people in general and idealistic spiritual seeker types especially are very resistant to even considering such malevolence is possible–exists. it seems it is easier to be angry at the messenger, than to investigate the message or consider more carefully it’s likelihood… more, at link

First, it is better to post criticisms here anonymously. Some of these gurus are competent black magicians and will try and ‘fix’ people who attack them. Be advised.
My own cover has been blown, but these gurus have attacked me so many times that it doesn’t much matter any more. They failed to stop me, and have to stop trying.

This post is eloquent, and the support is appreciated. This blog can be confusing: we have too styles here, that of cult awareness from secular/psychologically oriented posters like MBFM, and a more amibiguous style such as that of nemo, which doesn’t reject ‘spiritual paths’ as such, but which attempts to expose the occult exploitation of dark operators, like Gurdjieff, and his imitatators, especially dangerous ones like E. J. Gold.

I think we need to simply move beyond the realm of the guru, and to explore the issues there. The question would be easy, except that a whole generation of confused people and bad gurus is now a fact of culture, what to do???

It seems heretical to reject guruism, but I think that it will dawn on people that this rejection is inevitable.
It would be possible to reinvent the help needed, and which gurus attempt to falsely monopolize, as a set of resources open freely to those who need them, instead of the current system of morbid power relationships between guru psychopaths and confused seekers.

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