Anirvan’s Gurdjieff propaganda

Anirvan’s Gurdjieff propaganda

To Live Within
Sri Anirvan (Author), Lizelle Reymond

This book was reprinted recently (you can check out my Amazon review). This is one of the most insidious brands of falseness in the Gurdjieff corpus.

As cute garbage it is uniquely effective in making submissive ‘disciples’ out of idiots who don’t know better.
I am not sure how this book came into being, but it is suspicious from the word go: what is a Hindu disciple who lived in a relatively benign ashram in India doing promoting Gurdjieff propaganda, when he is unfamiliar with the fourth way, of the criminal tendencies of sufistic teachers and groups in general, and Gurdjieff in particular.
Something is missing here, and we never see the ‘rigged’ game that produced this piece of deceptive rubbish. But we can certainly guess without much trouble, if you catch my drift.
Note the way that someone who has never had to suffer through Gurdjieff deceptions, and who lives in an environment of those seeking enlightenment heaps praise on a completely different ‘path’ situation about which he is ignorant, and which generally tries to suppress the potential for enlightenment.
The author is a first class windbag, and makes a lot of stupid fan-club statements about Gurdjieff’s teaching, from the enneagram to everything else.
This fellow doesn’t understand Gurdjieff at all and this grafting of yogic ashram lore onto Gurdjieff fantasies in a passive masochistic idiot disciple is dangerous for the many who have taken this as the Gurdjieff party line.

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