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Default philosophic ‘enlightenment’

Schopenhauer on death (update: passage from WHEE ch 2)

MBFM’s puzzlement is not surprising, few New Agers are there who can talk about what they are doing. The reason is the confusion created by electic teachings that are not properly understood.

A sense of merging with the universe is not really what the issue of meditation should be about. In general, non-dual thinking has spread a kind of corruption into yogic teachers, and represents a kind of spurious distraction or decline. Update: That said: the atman = brahman legacy has had more success than any other tradition, I suspect, despite the spreading fadism of the ‘advaita’ cults…: one problem is the term ‘consciousness’: as seekers pass from sanskrit to english the atman=brahman chestnut turns into theories about a conscious universe. That’s instant dubious physics. Terminology has shifted and betrays you here. If you say the universe is conscious you are in trouble with physics. The original sanskrit stuff must have meant something different.

The great irony is the the first “New Ager’ of them all, Schopenhauer, innocently depicted the reality of the situation before the coming of the flood of gurus, who have succeeded in confusing everyone.

It is worth studying Kant/Schopenhauer (but Kant is very obscure) to see the simple question that drives the whole search: the mind tends to get contracted around a space-time version of itself. Simply realizing that you are not this version of ‘yourself’ is the first ‘default philosopnhic enlightenment’.
It is not a ‘state’, a drug experience, or anything else at all.
Students of meditation may justifiably critique default philosophic enlightenment as too simple. Perhaps. But it can help to orient oneself in a field of New Age confusions that is almost without end.

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