Desperate for guru credentials /2009/12/02/desperate-for-guru-credentials/

Desperate for guru credentials (Update 2018 I am sure I am missing some of the pieces of the Lozowick puzzle, one of them E.J.Gold lurking in the background. Lozowick had a considerable ashram out west somewhere and who knows what was going on there)…

I am not quite sure what is going on behind the scenes here, but when I became aware of Lozowick in seventies, this guru from India, and the Bauls, were not part of his game, which was a guruless preaching about gurus, with a kind of challenge or competition with Da Free John, who Lozowick was obviously imitating. I remember scratching my head in the nineties when i heard of it, and when I read that he had been cornered and forced to disown his book, Spiritual Slavery.

The question of this guru arose later, most probably as a silly attempt to make it look like Lozowick wasn’t a lone ranger.

I note in passing that Andrew Cohen was very lucky here, and another complete interloper like Lozowick actually got credentialled by a complete idiot in India.
What a calamity to give such power to this atrocious idiot, Cohen.

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