Dire warning to James /dire-warning-to-james/

Dire warning to James

Context of The Shadow of the Dalai Lama

I was a little upset by James’ declaration of moving on, since it seemed timed to the critical work on Buddhism cited, and well critiqued by him.
I think we will miss his input as in that case.

I think I must say something I have always kept in reserve with James: WATCH OUT for the Buddhis Sangha. My radar detects an clear case of being used in relation to something to do wth me…. I leave it vague, just to note that the easiest thing in the world to do is lose your autonomy to the Buddhist gang, and I must suspect, James, that has happened to you.
Tell those MOTHERFUCKING BUDDHIST GANGSTER FASCISTS to go to hell, and move on from all that, rather than from me or my humble efforts (you may have no more time for my blogs, no problem, not my point)

The book ‘The Shadow’ is not one I trust, exactly, but it points to something I have suspected for decades, and may never clarify. But Buddhists are too kind on the surface, and too clever, with too many ‘nice guy’ fronts who don’t suspect doing their propaganda, to ever get caught.

I think the resolution will lie in the many studies of religion in my eonic effect, more on that later (again).

Meanwhile, to James: if you meet the Buddha on the road…..fill in the blanks.

You are basically a fringe Buddhist, highly intelligent, and therefore uniquely exploitable. You too smart, and uppity for the authoritarian system of Buddhism, and won’t ever get inside.
I hope like heck I can get you kicked out of the Buddhist sangha, so you can proceed along the fringes licking your wounds and scrounging beggar meals.

You have helped these blogs along very well.
Just to return the favor…
Over and out

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