Gopi Krishna and a future neuroscience?/2010/01/30/gopi-krishna-and-a-future-neuroscience/

Gopi Krishna and a future neuroscience?

The previous post of MBFM is interesting. The question of Gopi Krishna is somewhat problematical for me: this blog has attempted to be critical of much New Age baloney, and the natural step is to expose the confusions of kundalini, and the immense wild goose chase that can arise from wrong versions of this yoga nexus.
But just at that point I baulk because it is clear from Gopi Krishna’s unique account that he would like the subject to become a part of science, indeed, of evolutionary science.
In principle this is a good objective, in practice we need to be wary beause we won’t make any progress here any time soon, even as New Age hypesters will try to answer the question for us.

It is less complex than it looks: Gopi Krishna is very clear about how he came upon ‘kundalini’. The problem is the depiction, as this turns into mystic physiology. We can’t draw the connection with what is obviously a finding for future neuroscience. In the nonce, the hype points to something very simple, the rare achievement of one-pointed concentration, and what happens at that point

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