Having had a guru=disciples=$meal ticket for life /2009/12/04/having-had-a-gurudisciplesmeal-ticket-for-life/

Having had a guru=disciples=$meal ticket for life

Let me be clear: if someone has a spiritual awakening alone, with no guru, I approve of that. It is probably the only way to go. But this hypocrisy of gurus and the rest of it is a scam to create an ashram, control others, and most importantly get people to support you for life. The latter is the key (as Muktananda once suggested). You can almost get away with it, but, like Lozowick, the contradiction suddenly stands out, and the hunt for a fake guru was on. An especially stupid and useless case gets picked up by Lozowick. Sound familiar? Look at Cohen. But Cohen’s case is far more clever, and invisible to the naked eye. The idea that Cohen had a guru is such crap.
Give me a fucking break.
We need to move to a spiritual culture where noone has any authority, or is armtwisted into being disciple to support shmucks like Lozowick et al.

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