Hitler an avatar???? NOT /2009/12/06/hitler-an-avatar-not/

Hitler an avatar???? NOT

I think that these cautionary critiques of The Shadow of the DL hit the spot, as to a feeling the attack on the DL is overdone, or off the mark in some way. And yet we can throw out half of it, or three quarters, and still be left wondering about Tibetan Buddhism. So we can proceed in both directions, exposing Tibetan Buddhism, and exposing the critiques.

The idea that Hitler was some kind of avatar is gross nonsense. As suggested in the post to which these comments were appended, this later backwash of something in the nineteenth century is secondary stuff, and second rate. Serrano and Evola are idiots on the sidelines and blabbermouths of no account. The real evil had long since been finished, and we are left to wonder at the phenomenon of Hitlerism. The issue, grotesquely, is not the spiritual grandeur of Hiter (for crying out loud), since he was clearly a man hypnotized and used because he wasn’t of any spiritual capacity.

There is something much deeper here, coterminous with the Blavatsky era, and we can see that Gurdjieff is in some way a response from the Sufi world to what they seem to suspect but don’t quite know either, in their partial sympathy with fascism, and reserve about an ‘esoteric’ operation they see coming, but don’t grasp.

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