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James Arthur Ray email link

James Earl Ray discussion

Oprah Winfrey is THE person who literally made James Arthur Ray.
Oprah put the blatant scam-artist James Ray on her TV show several times, when she did her shows on The Secret.
Oprah introduced him to her naive audience, and James Ray went to town with it.

Before Oprah, James Ray was a nobody.
After Oprah, he was able to bilk thousands of people.

Oprah did not ask James Arthur Ray ONE single critical question. She didn’t check out his background. James Ray was never challenged on a single point or claim he was making.
At the EXACT MOMENT he was on her show, there were many very serious complaints about James Ray on Oprah’s own message boards. [forum.rickross.com]
They just don’t care.
Anyone with any life experience could instantly see that James Ray was a ruthless con-artist. It was shown in these threads years ago.

Oprah would have to see that James Ray is a scammer, she is a very experienced person.
But she promoted dozens of these cons and crooks over the years.

Why didn’t Oprah allow a professional critical thinker on her TV show promoting James Ray, and others? No critical thinking allowed.

Its just a pump and dump system, pump up The Secret people, sell books, then dump it.
Oprah’s own company may have been connected with the publisher of the book The Secret, or had some kind of business deal with them.

If they would have allowed a professional critical thinker like Michael Shermer [www.michaelshermer.com] or others like him on these shows, sales for the books would drop by 50%.
But the Oprah TV show opposes critical and skeptical thinking.

James Randi was literally sandbagged by the Oprah producers years ago.
“how Oprah Winfrey manages to promote woo-woo ideas on her program by careful management of the content”

Its has to be due to the TV advertisers, they don’t want their audience asking if the toilet paper really is the softest, or if the cleaner cleans the best.
Just buy and believe.
Same with The Secret. Don’t think about what they are really doing and selling, just “believe” and buy.

Then what do they get? They get a crook like James Ray ripping off thousands of people, and leading to the deaths of a number of people.

Supposedly the “sweat-lodge” case is going to move forward next month.

But Oprah is literally personally to blame for making James Arthur Ray famous. She did it.
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