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Jan Fishan Khan

MBFM on Idries Shah post

mybrainisafleamarket said,
19.01.10 at 10:42 am ·A page on Sardhana, where Jan Fishan Khan awarded an estate and pension by the British. It was safety, but it was exile far from home, far, far
from Afghanistan.

It is from ‘Sher’s Sardhana website. Photo gallery, too.

Includes in title, “Sher Shah in front of Jan Fishan Khan’s Mausoleum”


What is said to be an inscription (photographed) on ‘Noor Jan’s’ tomb
is given in translation, here.

If this was written by or for Jan Fishan Khan, the inscription seems not to resemble a Sufi’s celebration of return to God after long exile.

Inscription on Noor Jahan’s tomb

(quoted from Sher Shah’s website)

Here I lie, alone.
Alone in this grave, no moth comes to warm
its silken wings on the candles
that no-one has lit for me,
no Bulbul comes to smell the sweet flowers
that no-one has left on my grave.

It should be noted that Emperor Babur, founder of the Mughul dynasty in India, never got over his homesickness for Afghanistan. In his memoirs, Babur lamented that in India, there was none of the refinement or culture that he recalled from home, and complained that in India, one could not even find a worthwhile melon.

When Babur died, he asked to be buried in his home region, in Kabul, and his wish was granted.

It is not for nothing, that many Muslim stories, not only Sufi ones, end with the formula, ‘From God we went forth and to God we shall return.’

If that epitaph was actually written by or for Jan Fishan Khan, it is striking and sad that the predominent note is one of intense loneliness and not gratitude that one has returned at last, after long wandering, to God.

If one is Muslim, read some surahs or the Fatihah for Jan Fishan Khan and all who are far from home, whether in body or in heart–and want to return.

And may any who have lost their way on account of misleading instructions, be granted that guidance, the truth and no lies, and
find their way warm and to home.

I do not know what the Jains say, but the Buddhists at least ask, that may all beings be happy and be free from harm and realize our true nature.

Another way of returning home at last.

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