Lozowick….and E. J. Gold /2009/12/04/lozowickand-e-j-gold/

Lozowick….and E. J. Gold (update: these putdowns have scandalized a lot of disciples of these people. Lozowick after all

was a clever fellow: to reach (pseudo-)enlightenemt via Silva mind control is clever indeed, no wonder they thought to set him up as a guru, more like a standup comedian, with higher consciousness entangled in the jewish joke. Gold was a deadly one, but he was no slouch and seems to be the only person who understood crowley, and crowley himself didn’t understand crowley…Gold cleverly never revealed anything about himself and mesmerized a lot of people…Gurdjieff speaks of triads of gurus, e.g. John the baptist, Jesus, Paul) and I heard around the gold circle once that gurdjieff/gold was another sufi experiment here, with gold as ‘john the baptist’, an gurdjieff the pauline case. One of gold’s students was said to be the jesus case, a jewish dennis the menace running around wearing nazi arm bands. The whole strange case invites my ridicule rather than reverent admiration, such is life….my suspicions are justified even if i lack all the facts…as Rajneesh noted, a truly horrendous fascist occultism emerged in the nineteenth century to produce fascism and these later xerox copies are in the backwash of that esoteric fascism…lozowick not included…and gold, who knows? The john the baptist fixation is visible in the way he called himself Al Washi…)

Lozowick is small potatoes at this point, and we can’t lose sight of the fact that E. J. Gold is the real menace here, along with sufis in general.
Three bum jews in the guru game in one generation, Cohen, Lozowick and Gold. Gold is the worst, absolutely the worst, and he won’t get caught.
It is a puzzle that someone Jewish could be so malevolent. This Jew was overheard saying the Holocaust was good fertilizer for the planet.
So don’t call me an antisemite.
It is worth looking at Gold’s rating at Sarlo (Sarlo completely missed this guy’s negative side): he is listed as Gurdjieff’s successor. My gosh, how did that happen??? I find Sarlo’s rating comical.
Gold is no such thing, but in case he is a parody of that then it is worth considering that a successor to Gurdjieff will be a devil, under pressure to do some proven evil to make a name for himself.
Stay away from these guys, for your own sake!!!!

Be finished with the guru game. It might be more benign in India tradition, but its time is past.

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