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Lozowick and Silva MC

More on Silva Mind Control

mybrainisafleamarket said,

05.12.09 at 12:58 pm

LL’s former involvement with Silva is quite clearly referred to in the interview from Andrew Cohens EnlightenNext site.

Two, here is a reference to Lozowick’s skills from a book *authored* by Jose Silva himself.

The Silva Mind Control Method By José Silva 1991

According to this account, Lozowick was Silva Mind Controls area coordinator in New Jersey. In addition to that, Jose Silva states that Lozowick resigned early 1n 1976 to start his Hohm community.

Mr Silva wrote that Lozowick taught five Silva Mind Control courses Rahway State Prison, four times to ’some 60 inmates’) and 3 times to prison staff.

After Lozowick resigned, Jose Silva notes that a Mr Ronald Gorayeb took over and conducted Silva instruction to ten inmates at Passaic County Jail in New Jersey.

Supposedly the inmates gained such vast benefit that at that time the prison gave them academic credit for all this.

One wonders whether any of the prisoners continued to stay in touch with Mr Lozowick afterwards, or were freed up by this method to go on with their lives not needing Lozowick,or anyone else as a guru.

If so, then the Silva stuff might indeed be valuable. Any method that ultimately enables you to outgrow both the method and teacher is the finest one..not something that keeps you stuck on a guru.

(pages 153-154)


Two, here are testimonials from persons who have continued to use Silva Method to this day. (In earlier years it was termed ‘Silva Mind Control’)

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