Lozowick’s criminal book, Spiritual Slavery /2009/11/28/lozowicks-criminal-book-spiritual-slavery/

Lozowick’s criminal book, Spiritual Slavery (update: this is slightly unfair: Lozowick uncovered the hidden bias toward slavery present in some surprising and very cunning figures, none other than Gurdjieff, what to say of Nietzsche…the reactionary antifreedom ideologies of many gurus was exposed by accident by Lozowick)

Comment on Lozowick

We keep this testimonials to how Lozowick is such a sweet guy. The use of the term ‘slave’ is significant.

Lozowick forever blew his wad when he wrote his book Spiritual Slavery in the seventies. That was how I came across him. He has since, I am told, disowned the book, but apparently not the assholel gurudom that went with it.
That book created an immense confusion in many people trying to sort out the question of the New Age and gurus. The book was an unforgivable lapse on Lozowick’s part, and all this apology for this asshole should be transferred to some consideration for those who were harmed by his idiocy.

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