Comment on DFJ pseudo-path

James said,
19.01.10 at 8:51 pm ·
It’s not like it takes much to convince people that you are some “enlightened” guru. Look at Nityananda, somebody who was obviously mentally disturbed and suffering from some form of retardation is one of the most respected “masters” today:

“Of Muktananda’s own sagely guru, Nityananda (who died in 1960), the following information is extant:

He was a born siddha [“perfected being”], living his entire life in the highest state of consciousness (Muktananda, 1999).
He was an omniscient being; still he appeared as if he didn’t know much….
Only occasionally would he speak; however, you could not understand him (Muktananda, 1996).
“He was the best of gurus; he was the worst of gurus,” etc.

[W]hen in his twenties, he would hide behind trees, patiently waiting for a cow to come his way. The moment the animal stood to drop a cowpat, he would rush forward, scoop up the dropping in midair, and then swallow it (Feuerstein, 1992).
Yum. Nor did such feasting exhaust the yogi’s interest in cows and their rectal output:

He would at times be seen in the middle of the road (there was hardly any motor traffic in those days), catching the dropping from a cow before it fell to the ground, putting it on his head, and then whistling just like a railway engine and chugging away, as children often do (Hatengdi, 1984).
“Woo-woo! Next stop, Looney Station.”

[Nityananda] would speak quite frequently about devotees who had the mentality of a crow. A crow, even in heaven, said Baba, insists on eating shit, because that is what he has been accustomed to. And this is exactly how these faultfinding devotees behave (Muktananda, 1996).
Cows, crows, choo-choos … and more:

On another occasion, he besmeared himself from head to toe [i.e., including his lips] with [human] excrement. He sat near the lavatories, with large heaps of excrement piled in front of him. Each time a devotee passed him, he would call out, “Bombay halwa [sweets]—very tasty—want to eat? Can weigh and give you some” (Feuerstein, 1992).”

The term ‘ashram’ should be translated properly, ‘clinic’ (maybe madhouse).
I guess the case of Nityananda shows that the whole continuity of the lineage has been violated. Too bad, a short circuit, and monstrous cases like Da Free John. Everyone go home.

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