Note from MBFM/2010/01/04/note-from-mbfm/

Note from MBFM

mybrainisafleamarket said,
02.01.10 at 7:26 pm

Happy new year, gang.

Ive been having a return of insomnia, so am taking a break. But my omnivorous reading continues. Anytime I find anything relevant to this section
of Darwiniana, I’ll be glad to alert nemo.

I would never have dreamt that the Garrard book on the Fitzgerald translation of the Rubaiyat would produce so much information. And thanks
to Nemo having scanned that material, it is now available on google.

As is the material from Burtons chapter on Tassawuff from Sindh and the Races that Inhabit the Valley of the Indus…that entire text can be found on Google books.

PS If anyone ever finds an old bookstore with cheap copies of 1970s issues of Rolling Stone for sale, peruse them and look at the classified ads in back.

The back issues make fantastic gifts and the classifieds tell you what was big in the 1970s. I saw a number of ads for Arica happenings, both in SF and NYC in 1973 issues of Rolling Stone.

Todays version of Rolling Stone is an anemic ghost, compared with its
fiesty first beginnings.

Thanks, your contributions have been invaluable. I would never have discovered the material from Burton without your input. Keep up the good work. nemo/JL

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