Note to James/2009/12/17/note-to-james/

Note to James

Comment on Buddhism and Junk Sufism

James said,
16.12.09 at 3:17 pm ·

You have misread my departure. As you’ve noted, my posts have decreased substantially in the past few months after 2-3 years of posting with extreme frequency. Again, this has nothing to do with the Shadow of the DL or anything like that (I’ve been kicked off many Buddhist forums for being critical so it has nothing to do with that).

To be honest, I hadn’t even read that much (since college) or had any opinion about Darwinian theory until about 4 years ago. My discovery of the blogosphere that revolved around this topic was mainly due to the fact that I was trying to kill time during work breaks and needed something else to do on the Internet. It has been intellectually entertaining to comment on the topics @ your blogs, but, in the final analysis, I’m not really invested in any academic or social outcome. My interests are rather fickle and change every few years and time is up for these subjects. That said, I still think you have the best sites for commentary on these topics. Take care.

I think again you should reconsider, if only to comment occasionally. It is no longer a question of fickle interests. You have contributed something significant which is irreplaceable, and to simply ditch my efforts, still anonymous, and disappear, is both extremely frustrating and deeply saddening, disorienting. That, of course, is my problem. But it gets lonely fighting with dead gurus, and New Age gangsters.
Keep in mind who I am, and the ferocity of voodoo attacks in my direction, to shut me up. I endure this alone, to help people struggling with the Gurdjieff/Sufi conmen, and in the end I could get killed. To lose a precious friend is disheartening, but then nothing can be done about it.
Your statements therefore about surfing blogs and changing interests don’t even register in my reckoning.

That said, goodbye, if that’s the way you feel, since there is nothing I can do, except to not befriend anyone again. I should have learned that with SK who was indulging in sex magic on his friends, even as he moaned over his fate, and I supported him.
That’s not you, however.

It should have been that way, no nonsense about friendship, from the beginning, so no problem.
I am still not convinced that it wasn’t the attack on Buddhism that is in part related to this. One reason I cited the DL book was to catch your reaction, to see if we could get past Pali promo (which I tremendously value). As I expected you baulked, sort of… So forgive me if I suspect your autonomy is compromised. Study your unconscious carefully over time, maybe you can caatch the slavers at work, and free yourself. An unconscious Buddhist shill is what I suspected from the start. Make sure you are free after your jaunt with Buddhism.

Don’t get me wrong: your time here must be limited. It had to be that way. The danger is too great, and your cover will sooner or later get blown, as it did with SK, if your remember. It may have happened already, without you knowing it.

So, I shrug my shoulders at your statement. You should not post much here anyway, but I see no reason why you can’t post occasionally at the other blog, Darwiniana. Few have your talents, and the combination of ideas you brought was unique, and I am sorry to it will be absent. Society is in need of help here, and we have something to contribute.
Part of the problem is the blog format, and also the limits of the comment form which don’t allow any real creative effort, something you no doubt aspire to.

It is worth checking the first post on this blog, Orphans of Civilization, and to ask yourself what happens when you realize that all social ideologies are false, all the major religions, including buddhism, corrupt. At that point this blog might seem relevant all over again. It is a unique spot, despite the rough exterior.

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