Ray of creation and other bunk /2010/02/14/ray-of-creation-and-other-bunk/

Ray of creation and other bunk (update: actually the idea could be repaired from gurdjieff’s distorted version: the relationship of cosmic bodies is the basis of life, so the idea suggests the question: is the ray of creation the will or consciousness,to simplify? Bennett saw the answer, but nineteenth century cosomology is dated now: the cascade from galaxies to planets is too crude. But the factor of will and scientific law are related in bennett, so there is a way here and the idea is intriguing. we look in the wrong place for living planets: the factor of will explains their awesome deadness yet potency…??)

Bennett scanned material
I will get around to some more material tommorrow, but it is significant to note the way that Bennett grafts the cosmology of Gurdjieff onto his system, with contradictory, or not very satisfactory results.
The scheme is bascially the ray of creation idea. Once you try to mix this with the science that Bennett has under his belt, the result is a muddle.
The material on this by Gurdjieff has wasted immense time for many. It is claimed that this is ‘objective knowledge’ of great antiquity. It is suspiciously ‘mystic nineteenth’ century and probably the creation, if not of Gurdjieff, then some idiot ‘sufi’.

If you pick up a book on contemporary cosmology you get a sense of a subject in motion, one that is leaving older (modern) forumulations behind.

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