The pseudo-path invented by Da Free John/2010/01/18/the-pseudo-path-invented-by-da-free-john/

The pseudo-path invented by Da Free John

Comment on Lozowick post
This commenter must be a glutton for punishment.
The reason we haven’t gone into the Lozowick case much is that he is irrelevant, a fart from the seventies out of the backside of Da free John, an equally obnoxious pseudo-guru.

I don’t think we need to go into much detail with Lozowick, or attempt to satisfy this sad groupie trying to defend him. As we have pointed out several times, our job was done for us in the early nineties when he was forced to denounce/renounce his notorious book Spiritual Slavery.
I doubt if he ever recovered after that. In fairness, Lozowick is a victim of an experiment (like A. Cohen) that failed, with his gambit to replace Da Free John with a (Jewish) version, himself replaced by Andrew Cohen, who should be replaced as soon as possible with, well, noone. They are all fakes, a pox on the whole house. Some chauvinist Jews and Christians (or monotheists) have long wished to coopt the atheist Indian tradition with their own version of the guru game, with some yoga jargon wrapped around a god game path that is false, and tremendously antagonistic to a general disciple’s reaching enlightenment.
In general, it is an imitation of what happened with sufism a long long time ago (perhaps the case of Jesus is an early version!), as the need for a way to compete with atheist Buddhism arose in the context of monotheistic religion.
Result: the creation of the pseudo-paths of sufism.

This current set of brands of sufism, godman yoga, and monotheism with dirty tricks is thus both ancient and a reinvention, a reinvention of Da free John among others. This disgusting pseudo-path (re-) invented by Da Free John is not a path at all, and the idea of a Jewish godman is especially offensive to most Jews. The whole notion of the godman (note the obvious history of an earlier, now mysterious version of this with the ‘god man’ Jesus) is a bit of hIndu trivia that becomes blasphemous to monotheists (in semantic terms it is impossible for anyone human to not be a godman) .

It is impossible to have a spiritual path with these people, and many in despair look to a future life to start over without these voodo specialists claiming to be gurus.
And don’t forget the most vicious of them all in the background, e. j. Gold and his subtle attacks on anyone who shows any sign of consciousness.

It is very hard to have a spiritual path around these jerks. Get creative. Change your name and identity and start over with some (atheist or non-atheist) ‘Buddhism’, i.e. the classic pre-hindu path of true Indian religion, inhereited from Jainism and primordial Shivaism. In quotation marks to be distinct from the ‘organized religion’ by that name.

Buddhism has itself gone into decline, and I dont’ advocate membership in that religion. I simply point to what Jainism (the source of Buddhism) represents in the history of greater India.

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