What do you suggest….? /2010/02/08/what-do-you-suggest/

What do you suggest….?

Comment on Gurdjieff the operator, spy,….

Andrew Cramer said,
08.02.10 at 4:18 pm ·
so what teachers or ways do you suggest we follow instead?

Good question, but I must point out that I am not a guru, so I am wary of getting into the advice game. However, we can’t really avoid this, and I have already formulated a response to the kind of question you are asking. But I should say that the answer is designed to be so generalized and almost vague that it almost seems to say very little. My point is merely that the hype of the fourth way can be replaced with a very simple substitute that is the real mccoy, ironically, without trying.
Check this out therefore:
A Sufi myth: Fourth Ways,…and The Great Freedom Sutra
No big deal, but a way for one to stay within the parameters of secularism and find ‘spirituality’ in that context.
The key is ultra simple: the question of human self-consciousness. When religions fail, and paths become obscure, the simple question of human consciousness and its culture of development as self-consciousness always remains, and has been the constant of man for as long as man has been man.

There is more to say here, and we can pursue that further here, without my get ting into any kind of guru game.

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