Ouspensky says goodbye to fouth way, g,and sufis /2010/08/31/ouspensky-says-goodbye-to-fouth-way-gand-sufis/

Ouspensky says goodbye to fouth way, g,and sufis


(I forgot why there seem to be two editions of this book, with different subtitles)

Patterson’s book is misleading on Ouspensky, and my suggestion to consider the analog of The Bourned Identity might help. But it is hard to credit what I learned in my own way a long time ago, which is that Ouspensky’s rejection of Gurdjieff became amplified in his ‘return life’. He is a bad source for fourth way thinking, even as he is the main source. What a mess.

Patterson’s take is complete imaginary.

Gurdjieffians seem insenstive to the poignant dilemma: looking the other way at crime, to continue in the work. Ouspensky saw that was hopeless, and checked out early, willing, like Bourne, to take his chances in the attempts to ‘kill’ him.

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