Self-remembering confusions /2010/08/29/self-remembering-confusions/

Self-remembering confusions (update: 2018…self-remembering is about the same as mindful but pegged with a strange but suspicious context of materialism/the hydrogens, which seems to validate our charge that the energies of consciousness can be ripped off)

Dandy on self-remembering

Self-remembering is a way Gurdjieff used to give some apparent substance to his teaching, in the realm of practice. But it is mostly a brochure mode philosophy. Anyone with any savvy would be wary of this abstraction and follow the classic paths of meditation, which are mapped out.

Self-remembering, as with everything in Gurdjieff is so hyped by lies that it ceases to be on the level, leaving one suspicious it is just window dressing.
Noone ever succeeds with this method, which is poorly defined. Look at the Gurdjieff people, they are the most retared spiritual types, without any practice. They just reread Ouspensky and hope.

Any teacher will even a trace of an objective of producing successful disciples who can graduate to real self-awareness wouldn’t inflict the confusing and impractical self-remembering on confused beginners.

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