New Age confusions over evolution /2010/11/08/new-age-confusions-over-evolution-2/

New Age confusions over evolution

From the previous post:

Madame Helena Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, kept a stuffed baboon in her study to symbolize her rejection of Darwinian materialism. The baboon was dressed in formal clothing, and held a copy of The Origin of Species in its hand. Blavatsky accepted evolution in a sense, but she insisted it was part of a process by which humans can evolve into higher spiritual beings under the guidance of a secret brotherhood of spiritual masters.

We have critized this thinking many times here, without reference to Blavatsky, who is apparently the source of this New Age fallacy.
Evolution is a general cosmic process that produces speciation, while the realization of consciousness in the men evolved to do that is something else.

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