Rajneesh, spiritual names, anti-semitism, and guru plants/2011/01/02/rajneesh-spiritual-names-anti-semitism-and-guru-plants/

Rajneesh, spiritual names, anti-semitism, and guru plants


I am sorry for this comment, but in a way it is welcome because it shows something inevitable, and the unconscious feelings of Gentiles confronting Jewish gurus. (and vice versa, no doubt)
One must be ultra wary of antisemitism here, but at the same time this is not conventional secular culture. We already have one instance of an antisemitic Jewish non-guru in E. J. Gold who has been caught endorsing the Holocaust in veiled language, years ago. So we have no real standard here anymore for surviving paranoia.

Right along with all of that was Gold’s Jewish slant, and his hidden prejudice against gentiles (especially of talent) and his secret transmissions to Jewish students and those alone. His savage secret attacks on Gentiles of talent is something I witnessed, scratching my head as I found out about it.
I think we should suspect the message: better find a Gentile guru unless you are satsfied being a Goldilocks dingbat.
Still, this may be not be the whole picture.

The sources of antisemitism in mystical teachings is a study in progress, I am afraid, but the fascist strain of early twentieth century occultism has been referenced here a lot.

Now, what about Andrew Cohen? I am unsure, but suspicious, and would never go his route.
This man is either a Jewish chauvinist, or else oblivious to the situation he created for himself. There are no Jewish gurus equipped to teach Hinduism to Western non-Jews. It doesn’t work. He presents himself as a Cohen, with no reference to identity confusions, teaching what? He never really says, a sort of Hindu mishmash, but with no labels to make clear what he is doing.
One gets suspcious this is deliberate: simply do the Hindu number under Jewish control, slowly morphing the whole thing toward Jewish control and monotheistic background music.
BTW, this is the strategy used by the original Brahmins to rip off the original Indian religion. Get a Brahmin with (fake) enlightenment, then slowly morph the whole thing toward an Aryan background music. And slip in the law of caste, etc…

Please recall Rajneesh’s gesture with his movement: if you are to do Indian religion in my frame you are going to give up your old identity, Christian, Jewish or otherwise, with a new identity and name. Over and out.
That was an important innovation, but it was deep sixed by the next set of gurus, like Cohen, who surely is aware of this issue. I must assume therefore his tactics are deliberate: to keep Gentiles in their place (no enlightenment, please) and Jews in control of the guru game.
The resistance to that in other figures/religions was monumental. Then we have Cohen appear, after the Lozowick bust, with E.J. Gold in the background

Please dismiss this as speculation on my part, but it is not antisemitic. And the more immediate issue is whether Cohen is a qualified guru at all. He seems unaware of his position, as if he was manipulated in place to fill a guru slot.
We have to face the reality that Rajneesh pointed to. I think Rajneesh figured it was hopeless in the West, and went back to India. There are powerful occult forces here that will destroy those who try to wake up or change the scheme of Judeo-Christian domination.
I think Cohen and his guru in India were both fooled. Cohen’s Indian guy came to suddenly and tried to retract what he did, while Cohen with absolutely no training and two weeks with a guru was pronounced enlightened.
None of that adds up to anything but an occult behind the scenes job.

How dreadful.
Anyway I think Cohen should resign, and that Rajneesh’s basic tactic should stand from now on: new names and identities on the path. Jews and Christians are the smae people, and yet they have been poisoned by two millennia of spiritual warfare and muddle. Trying to add Indian spirituality to that won’t work, and we already see the dead end created by Cohen.

The attempt by Gold et al to control the guru circuit is always suspicious also. If not Gold, then somone like him.
His fingerprints are all over Lozowick. But with Cohen he, or whoever, must have learned from their mistakes.

Best to pass on, from this waste of time. I may be a stupid gentile, but after Gold I certainly wouldn’t bother with a Jewish guru again. They will always look down on you, and consider you inferior.

There are exceptions, any number of Jubus who are disciplined by the greater Buddhist shadow police from this toxic nonsense. I exempt such people, etc…
But Judaism, Christianity and Islame/Sufism are pervaded by occult conspiracies. One has no choice but to tread warily. You just won’t ever figure it out.
Best to stick to something clear that allows the path to enlightenment, doesn’t indulbe in hankypanky and is more than a few thousand miles from the likes of E.J. Gold who makes it his speciality to wreck spiritual paths.
There is something to be said for intelligent Jews making a contribution to the New Age, it is to be welcomed. But this other shadow zone has a different set of rules, and would waste my time thinking of Gentile/Jewish spiritualteis hybridized with Indian traditions. Hindus, of course, will welcome somthing along these lines; the Jews and the Brahmins/Hindus are the only real spiritual peoples, all others are human trash. There are a lot of Hindus and not a few Jews would be delighted to make religion a monopoloy under their control.

The suggestion in the comment from Coyote is hilarious: suspect all those gurus who never had a sex scandal.
And go back and examine those who did, like Muktananda. Those people were too obviously under a spell. Something similar happened to Cohen’s guru guy: someone spotted his vulnerability and used telephathic suggestion to get him to endorse Cohen.
That’s what Aleister Crowley said he was going to do to the competition, so why be surprised!

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