Svengali manipulations of Hollywood /2010/11/20/svengali-manipulations-of-hollywood/

The Shadow of the Dalai Lama – Introduction

But the cream of Hollywood also gladly and openly confess their allegiance to the teachings of Buddhism (or what they understand these to be), especially when these come from the mouths of Tibetan lamas. “Tibet is looming larger than ever on the show business map,” the Herald Tribune wrote in 1997. “Tibet is going to enter the Western popular culture as something can only when Hollywood does the entertainment injection into the world system. Let’s remember that Hollywood is the most powerful force in the world, besides the US military” (Herald Tribune, March 20, 1997, pp. 1, 6). Orville Schell, who is working on a book on Tibet and the West, sees the Dalai Lama’s “Hollywood connection” as a substitute for the non-existent diplomatic corps that could represent the interests of the exiled Tibetan hierarch: “Since he [the Dalai Lama] doesn’t have embassies, and he has no political power, he has to seek other kinds. Hollywood is a kind of country in his own, and he’s established a kind of embassy there.” (Newsweek, May 19, 1997, p. 24).

I keep thinking we should proceed through this book bit by bit, but I doubt, finally, if that will work.
The problem is understanding the viewpoint of the authors to put a fix on their bias. Much of their critique is ‘right’ in quotation marks, but misplaced, or slightly off target, as here.

The authors miss the point that the high-powered Tibetan occult zone manipulated Hollywood to serve their purposes. I am also critical of this: I am not a celebrity and don’t stand a chance in this scheme.

We have discussed the multiple vultures trying to manipulate Hollywood, and E.J. Gold is notably sordid in this vein.

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