The yogi’s jungle and American open spaces /2010/11/09/the-yogis-jungle-and-american-open-spaces/

The yogi’s jungle and American open spaces


There is a lost context to these posts on the freight riders world, from Darwiniana several years ago: the efforts by E.J. Gold to imporverish selected student/victims and make them into economic orphans. The constant and repeated voodoo war against many of his undeclared guinea pigs left them unable to cope, street people.

Few grasp what that black magician was up to, with his asshole groupies being none the wiser.

The other context here, for my own thinking, was the search in the great American open spaces for the American equivalent to the yogi’s jungle, the open zones of India where the pursuit of spiritual paths by lone individuals was once possible. The search for that in the American scene is mostly a lost cause, with everything mapped out, controlled by property rights, and generally trashed beyond repair.
Still someone analogous to the India jungles of meditation can be found via the great freight riders world. It is no longer a ‘sacred space’, but perhaps that doesn’t matter to ‘real’ yogi.

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