An end to Tibetan political religion? /2011/07/29/an-end-to-tibetan-political-religion/

An end to Tibetan political religion?

Article on the young Karmapa: I think that the current Dalai Lama should be the last of the political buddhists from Tibet. Tibetan buddhism is quietly killing buddhism in the west, because it is a phony front for something invisible to the naked eye. The Dalai Lama was harmless enough, and has attempted to adapt, but with this Karmapa we are confronted with something potentially insidious.

To be fair, the previous Karmapa, whom I remember, was sophisticated and intelligent Tibet rep, and his supposed reincarnation should be a person of note. But the problem here is Tibet’s totally strange system of expending all its spiritual resources to maintain these limited lineages, while everyone else gets nothing. It is time to see the corruption that has become the path of Mahayana, with its regimes of boddhissatwas.
It is a complete waste of time, and a system that will make you a spiritual peasant. The current Dalai Lama is a charming total idiot, and a good PR mouthpiece. But the deeper reality is truly frightening.

I am not a buddhist (it is impossible to be one, in fact, in my view), so I am merely warning enthusiasts to be wary of the real Tibet. The Tibetan Buddhists need to come clean about the fascist agenda that lurks in the nineteenth century Blavatsky continuation. It is not possible to so much as utter the word compassion anymore in a buddhist sense. The hidden esotericism has made total fools of all its admirers, and it is time to shovel dirt over buddhism as we know it, and start over. The insidious nature of such buddhism is harmful and is on the prowl for unawakened agents who can do the dirty work of these ultra-reactionary formations.

So, the Karmapa should radically dismantle the Tibetan political religion (hopefully freeing Tibet from China), while Westerners should stop being fooled by a movement that never produces transformation, and doesn’t take Westerners seriously (any culture that makes Stepen Seagal a tulku, presumbably because he is Jewish can’t be taken seriously as a potential path).
Tibetan buddhism is an anomaly of buddhism as such: we need to consider the real history of buddhism, and the bitterness of its destruction in India, and from there not get entangled in another generation of phony baloney Tibetan religious charades.

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