An old sufi phrase, ‘immortal within the limits of the solar system’/2012/07/17/an-old-sufi-phrase-immortal-within-the-limits-of-the-solar-system/

An old sufi phrase, ‘immortal within the limits of the solar system’

From Darwiniana

Jim Buck said,
July 16, 2012 at 1:12 pm ·
I have just bought this:
Dare I say it’s cheaper, shorter, and more scholarly, than Scott Roberts’ book. I think “origins fiction” is a more useful term than “science fiction”.

Thanks for tip. I am, of course, very much the skeptic here, but the issue of what I call hyperlife won’t go away.
There is a telling, haunting, phrase that the figure Gurdjieff got from some sufi source: ‘immortal within the limits of the solar system”.
The suspicion continues, and an adherence to science remains in the background, that the soul/hyperlife factor is pervasive in the universe, and that beings of some kind in the realm of hyperlife accompany the course of the solar system.
I can’t take that any further, and don’t adopt beliefs here, but the many myths on this subject sound like distortions of something lost to us.

Meanwhile, New Agers should be wary of the world of reactionary gurus: they are phonies of the first order.
The strange irony is that the atheist left probably has more spiritual hidden support than the always conservatizing mainstream religions, which sink into bogus formations at the hands of priesthoods.
These hyperlifers resemble Bennett’s ‘demiurgic powers’, about which too much speculation has already swamped the idea. The point is that self-consciousness is the groundstate of hyperlife, in beings with bodies of light (Bennett’s take).
Reject that as nonsense, but the suspicions remain here of a form of existence that doesn’t evolve in the normal sense: it is hyperlife.
As these books make obvious, the rumours and confusions here won’t go away.
But Bennett’s strange reverence to the ‘new age’, to the demirgic powers setting up modernity, and his out of place reference to the birth of communism in 1848 is a curious tale itself: Vol 4 of Dramatic Universe.

As a student of the eonic effect, I sit up and take notice, but Bennett’s account is garbled and unclear. I think my idea of the ‘modern transition’ is far more coherent.
It is important to consider that such beings, if real, would have a very hard time getting focussed in the human timeframe. Events at the human time-scale would be beyond their form of experience. But perhaps they can operate to some degree at the level of millennia/centuries.

Proceed with caution: these are not grounds for belief.

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