Astrology and the myths of age periods/2011/10/12/astrology-and-the-myths-of-age-periods/

Astrology and the myths of age periods

One aspect of the question, discussed here many times, is the side show to astrology involving the measures of the Great Year based on the precissional periods of the equinoxes. The issue was the set of age periods related to that. To measure age periods based on the Great Year is not inherently superstition, but the associated beliefs connected to all that certainly were superstition. There is no real way to associate those age periods with historical dynamics or cultural content. But the match is close enough over a short range to confuse many.

Here, J. G. Bennett did a lot of harm by falling for the confusion and adopting the measures of The Great Year in his book on the ‘dramatic universe’. The result is that the Gurdjieff movement caught the diisease, where its sufi background should have spared it that fate.

I have always recommended a lot at the ‘eonic effect’ which shows how the long view of antiquity might confuse someone into thinking in terms of astrological age periods. But the explanation is something totally different.
In general, Bennett’s work is completely spoiled by this add on confusion. A pity

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