Booknotes: Jim Keith, Mass Control /2011/06/26/booknotes-jim-keith-mass-control/

Booknotes: Jim Keith, Mass Control

Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness [Paperback]
Jim Keith

Stumbled on this surprisingly good book on the subject of ‘mind control’. To be sure, I can’t endorse the basic foundations here, but I can’t gainsay them either since I don’t have the answers myself. In any case, Keith has done some research, and has a lot of good references, however treacherous the ‘methodology’ used, with its strains of ‘conspiracy theory’.

In any case, one of the issues running through this blog has been the MKULTRA type information (a line fist suggested by the long lost ‘silly kitty’, once a frequent commenter here), and its relationship to occult questions. So a series of issues of this book, if I dare scan them up, might be of interest. I think that we bombed out on ‘mind control’ in the intelligence agencies, versus mind control in the Gurdjieff world, what to say of the Sufi world.
The Gurdjieff brand is potentially more dangerous!!!! because more insidious, and totally unknown to the public. You can be enslaved over successive lives, a fiasco beyond imagining. Sooner or later, however, such types get caught, so the real danger is the kind you agree to, e.g. some forms of ‘discipleship’.
Skip it! Be your own guru!

Figures like E.J. Gold are actively menacing in this zone, and mind control tactics in the ‘sufi’ stream are the cancer that destroyed the subject.

The value of Keith’s book is a set of references to (among many things) the precursors of MKULTRA. And he makes clear the obvious that isn’t obvious in the indirection of public commentary, viz. that the use of ‘mind control’ psycho-tech (mostly hypnosis) to create government assassins is historically documentable.
The point here is that a lot of vague hints never amount to stating the horrible truth.
This is your governmentl, you voted for it.
As President Truman realized too late, he had let loose a monster in the CIA. Have we passed the point of no return? JFK was clear: he saw the need to smash the CIA asap, but, …we know what happened to him.
We touched on this with our reference a while back to the movie The Bourne Identity, which apparently refers to this zone of black ops in the CIA etc…
The danger of the ‘work’ is thus ‘guessable’ by those paranoid enough about the realities of occultism to graduate from thumb-sucking Ouspenski-ism. Moral: proceed at you own risk. Stay anonymous, and find a ‘path to enlightenment’ where the issues appear blunted by the basic integrity of a real spiritual path (no, the ‘work’ is not a real spiritual path).

Moral 2: if you wish a real spiritual path, don’t apprentice yourself to a devil (like Beelzebub), bub.

The book then has a lot of material that has to be taken with reserve, but interesting: the CIA and the drug/LSD revolution (Leary), the sources of MKULTRA, German influences from Wundt onward, the sex research of Kinsey, dozens of ‘background checks’ (so to speak) for famous people (e.g. Huxley son), etc….

Note that the movie Conspiracy Theory with Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson mentions this connection of the MKULTRA and the assassination programs (just to make clear that we are belatedly realizing the obvious).
See also the third in the Bourne series (The Bourne Ultimatum) for non-information about mind contral progrmas desiguised behind Hollywood props and plots.
We are only forty years behind the times here.

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