Booknotes: more rubbish from Andrew Cohen /2011/08/20/booknotes-more-rubbish-from-andrew-cohen/

Booknotes: more rubbish from Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is at it again, with a new book on evolution and enlightenment (I thought he wrote this book two decades ago), more of his flawed analysis that he can’t let go, and which is confusing the question of evolution and enlightenment, both.
And now he has a foreword from that other idiot, Deepak Chopra, who should be departed to India to lead the life of a temple fakir, or a forest yogi.

We have critiqued his thinking many times, both here and at Darwiniana. The worst thing here is that Cohen is too chicken to critique Darwinism (or else doesn’t know better) and risks a kind of social-darwinist double entendre, as indeed was the case with Gurdjieff who tried to appropriate the evolution idea for some very violent and genocideal thinking.

To put the issue in a nutshell: evolution is about becoming in a ‘material’ realm, while the path to enlightenment leads beyond it.
It is possible that man could ‘evolve’ to a state that is more amenable to spiritual practice and realization, but that won’t happen through gurus or spiritual practice. Is is cosmic secret never shown to man, who rapidly and mysteriously became the being we know him to be, homo sapiens, with a complex instrument of consciousness. That ‘evolution’ was complete millennia ago. The real issue is to realize that potential.

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