Comment on Gurdjieff/EJGold/2012/07/09/comment-on-gurdjieffejgold/

Comment on Gurdjieff/EJGold

Gordon Butler
Submitted on 2012/07/07 at 4:07 am

Being a Gurdjieff groupie for thirty years, and having known people who knew Gurdjieff and EJ Gold I can confirm that both people are capable of harm. I was initially attracted to the more sensational aspect of ‘the work’ – but in the end I see that it is only destructive. But I am grateful to some of the people I met on the way for insights I would never have got otherwise. Gentleness of spirit has become my litmus test and James Moore perhaps being the epitome of this (although I only met him briefly).
Remember all metaphors are incorrect. We are not machines, our brains are not computers etc etc. We don’t know what we are – stay with that.

E.J. Gold’s demonic streak freakishly adopted as Gurdjieff imitation!?

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