Conservative destruction of religion

Conservative destruction of religion

Can Christianity Be Saved? A Response to Ross Douthat

The attack on liberal Xtianity is almost beyond belief, and the left, Xtian or otherwise, should make clear that conservative Xtianity is a bogus religious form, reminding the faithful of the revolutionary character of all true forms of the religion. Its slide into conservative oblivion is a form of capture, and the result tends to confuse ordinary religionists. Creepy frauds like Douthat (in the Times no less) will fall over with minimal challenge.
In a way the action of conservatives will end up destroying Xtianity, even as the action of skeptics and atheists tend to keep it in action.
It is time for an ersatz Xtianity on the left, one that requires no conversion, beliefs, or dogmas, coexisting with atheism if necessary, to read the bottom line to conservative Xtians: there is NO such religion. Period.
The idea that the spirit of Christ would ever support conservative market oritented capitalist Xtianity is grotesque, and almost a form of gallows humor.

Conservatives have destroyed every religion they touch, from Tibetan Buddhism, to Hinduism, Xtianity, and Islam…

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