Detecting evolution/2012/06/27/detecting-evolution/

Detecting evolution

New Age groups are also prone to confusion over the meaning of evolution, as noted here many times. Descent of Man Revisited has a different strategy from many books on evolution, even critical ones: it exposes the limits of explanation in accounts of human evolution, and demands that ‘theory’ address the real complexity of human nature and its emergence. The fact is that we simply don’t have any good information, apart from a general set of outlines.

Current science has a false view of man, and a crippled view of how evolution works, and the result is a myth. So it is not surprising there is so much dissent.
The point of the macro effect, so-called, is that history and evolution are suspected of a kind of overlap, and that this provides a clue to what evolution really looks like: its ‘macroevolutionary’ process.

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