Did Gurdjieff wreck Christian faith?/2012/03/03/did-gurdjieff-wreck-christian-faith/

Did Gurdjieff wreck Christian faith?

I think that the comment today on Philokalia is of interest.
More gnerally, I have to ask, did Gurdjieff sows the seeds of the destruction of Christianity. Not trust, but paranoia before the demonic, attends the figure Gurdjieff, and this seeps into the stance toward religion, as the claims for ‘esoteric Christianity’ give the impression that behind the veil of piety lies a demonic realm of figures like Gurdjieff and other sufis, prepared to transmit evil on believers, unsuspecting in their faith.
It is strange that Gurdjieff behave the way he did. Anyone who gets a sense of his meaning would decamp not just from his ‘work’, but from Christianity altogether.
I think a lot of very high people are very angry with what Gurdjieff did. The whole religion of Christianity (and Judaism) is at risk.

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