Gurdjieff and the rightist attack on liberalism /2011/07/19/gurdjieff-and-the-rightist-attack-on-liberalism/

Gurdjieff and the rightist attack on liberalism

Gurdjieff, Gold, and the rightist attack on America:

Many people have taken offense at the challenges to Gurdjieff (and Gold) here, but they have been misled by the surface bluff of these people.
As better insight might come from studying what the Republican right has wrought in the last forty years: the fruition, among other things, of the Gurdjieff-style attacks from the New Age on modernity, democracy, and economic leftism (liberal, socialist, etc…)
The last generation, and especially the last ten years, have shown something that is connected to the occult world of ‘devils’ like Gurdjieff (as Sillykitty early noted), and, being wary of conspiracy theories, it is important to suspect the real links here. The two are not the same, but the connection, suspected by many writers on the ‘conspiracy theory’ circuit can be deduced from the real hidden program of Gurdjieff.

That’s why the superficial attractiveness (to some) of figures like Gold is misleading. He is part of the sufistic/ right wing haute bourgeoisie attack on the left, its ideals, and politics. We are seeing the application of Gurdjieff-style tactics in the ‘shock doctrine’ operations outlined by Naomi Klein.

That said, I am sure the right (witness the cruder horrors of the MKUltra legacy) would love to find out about Gurdjieff style occult hypnosis tactics. These are provided by the said occultists, but the methods so far have not reached public/covert knowledge levels.

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