Info on ‘Shadow of the Dalai Lama’ /2011/08/10/info-on-shadow-of-the-dalai-lama/

Info on ‘Shadow of the Dalai Lama’

Good information here: we can try to track it down from here.

Paul said,

08.08.11 at 8:46 pm

You’ve probably seen this:

An article on the book….’Victor and Victoria Trimondi are pen names used by Mariana and Herbert Röttgen. Their book was published to wide acclaim in Germany in 1999 by the respected Patmos Group.’

‘In 2002, the former Maoist author and publisher Herbert Röttgen and his wife Mariana, a violinist and art historian, using the double pseudonym Victor & Victoria Trimondi, came out with a book titled Hitler, Buddha, Krishna. They have started a very professional website ( collecting all the related previous and subsequent papers, the reviews and translations, the feedback and correspondence about their provocative thesis.’

The article, which I’ve hardly read but looks interesting starts here:

Paul said,

08.08.11 at 9:36 pm

Again this bio of the Trimondi’s is easily found:

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