Marrs and the hidden research of the Third Reich era /2011/07/24/marrs-and-the-hidden-research-of-the-third-reich-era/

Marrs and the hidden research of the Third Reich era

I have since read this book, and Marrs’ thesis is good enough to ask further exploration: the right wing connections with possible Nazi emigre circles, etc… (as an example, I read recently of a claim the Arica group was really a crypto-rightist occult seed of South American Nazis…proof please!!!)

But the book unwittingly produces some data on another question that I find of interest: the tremendous number of really smart (I mean really high IQ) types at work in exotic research not just in the third Reich, but in the generations of the Enligntenment onward. There were a lot of really significant discoveries made in the first third of the twentieth century in Germany, a lot of that research now suppressed. Not all suppressed, like artificial gasoline, rockets, etc,…
A good example, whose factual basis is still not sufficiently documented, is the probable real discovery and first creation of an atomic weapon in Germany (not the Heisenberg strain), or at least the purified uranium, and the hidden legacy of that now suppressed reasearch (and upgraded uranium) as it made its way to Los Alamos. I would like to see this research done right in some new books upgrading these sloppy sleuths. Marrs stumbles on a list of about twenty such hidden research projects, now lost to history it seems. As noted, many are now in the public domain, like gasoline from coal, etc…

The deepest legacy here, I suspect, is the emergence of Rosicrucianism in Germany with roots in the pre-modern. And then the subsequent spin-offs, e.g. freemasonry (or does that have different sources). The Faust legend is perhaps a garbled version of this.
Again, as noted today here in a previous post: do not overplay the ‘Rosicrucian/Freemasonry’ card. These are genuine human home-grown spiritual paths, but highly flawed for that reason.
But the suspicions grows that, as with the (mostly useless) outer signs of the Rosicrucian stream (garbage in, garbage out), there is a probable hidden strain of realized sages in the Euro-Germanic sector, and this turned rancid in the nineteenth century stimulation of rightist occultism. Of course, the real legacy there is indirectly visible in Blavatsky’s orientalized perspective, so we can easily make too much of such things as masonry and the rosicrucian strain (99% a waste of time). But as clues to something they remain. I am suspicious Eastern sources used Germanic and other lore as disinformation fronts for a really ominous brand of something rumored about, e.g. Rajneesh pointing the finger at the ‘buddhists’ (?) as staging fascist/nazi actions. A similar exploitation of disinformation fronts like Nietzsche was especially confusing.
I feel frustrated that Rajneesh never said anything more here. But not surprising, as he was soon murdered for all his outrages.

Meanwhile Marrs is useful as a source of leads, had one the time to pursue them. !!!

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