Marrs’ skullduggerous (?) scholarship/private eye sleuthing/conspiracy research /2011/07/24/marrs-skullduggerous-scholarshipprivate-eye-sleuthingconspiracy-research/

Marrs’ skullduggerous (?) scholarship/private eye sleuthing/conspiracy research

We have actually discussed the 9/11 issue here already, and even more at Darwiniana, where there are quite a few posts on David Ray Griffin, and others, like Tarpley. And then Jim Marrs, who has a whole series of books, check him out at To show the connection with what we are doing here (!), check out:

and then…
Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids [Paperback]

It is not hard to consider that Marrs has turned whacko with these books, but since he wrote a very good book on the JFK assassination he gets my respect.

As I have noted before, Jim Marrs wrote some books I wanted to write (as is obvious to readers of this blog), so to speak, but couldn’t because I lack his chutzpah and demand a measure of rigor.
But the topic he attempted, and bungled (you can get the point from his titles and their Amazon pages/commenters), was what we have tried here without full success: the continuum of government conspiriacies, the fascist right, the nazi right, and in turn their relationship to the occult tradition.
All these attempts founder and all peddle the same mass of confused data: the Trilateral stuff, the Skull and Bones stuff, then, take a deep breath, the Illuminati, and, with Marrs, a connection all the way back to the Pharaohs.
You know what? Marrs is onto something. But as Idries Shah once noted to critics of sufi secrecy, it would not be secret if people gave it away. There are a lot of things that never make it to public awareness.

The point here is that Marrs et al are probably right, but we don’t have the correct facts.

Noone has put the pieces together right on all this. But the obvious point is the suspicion of esoteric underground issues of great antiquity. And they regularly thwart all efforts to realize a spiritual path.

Then again, as we have also pointed out, if you look at the eonic effect you will see that most of this undergournd stream is GIGO (garbage in, garbage out): it doesn’t control events in the way suspected, and its reactionary tendencies make it all ‘off the wall’. The ‘esoterics’ are just as confused as everyone else.

Some relief: a look at the ‘eonic effect’ shows a higher process at work, and the world’s occultists are mostly out in left field from beginning to end. They can undermine civilizations, but they can’t create them.

I should note that this was an issue understood by the Greeks (and other polytheists) who distinguished between garden variety deities, major deities, and such as Prometheus, the champion of man.
Note the meaning of this: much of the ‘divine’ obsession is about entities (imaginary or not) who are authoritarian, and destroy human freedom.
As the Greeks understood there are ‘gods’ who champion man, and help to liberate him from the domination of the ‘gods’. We don’t need the polytheism or its language to understand the point. The rise of modern freedom was ‘promethean’ (as Marx sensed, using that metaphor), and the reaction is beginning as all the slimy spirits and their henchmen like Gurdjieff are bent on destroying all that and reenslaving man.

The place of democracy in world history springs from a Promethean impulse that is beyond the ‘domination of divine powers’. The myth of Prometheus can be useful, but also confuse the issue. But the point is clear.
The myth still has its meaning and you can see how the ‘esoteric’ crowd falls under the spell of the enemies of freedom.
It is totally obvious in the “New Age” attacks on modern democracy, or on modernity as such.

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