Noone can get evolution straight/2012/06/13/noone-can-get-evolution-straight/

Noone can get evolution straight

The previous post was about the public’s refusal of evolution (or Darwinism?). But the current view is so far from the mark that it is not surprising people are wary.

Keep in mind that scientific biology has bungled the whole question of the evolution of ethics, human consciousness, routinely justifies social darwinism (behind public denials), enforces economic ideology, negates the factor free will, and we haven’t even mentioned theism (probably right not to), and much else.
The worst indictment is the hopeless stupidity and inability to learn on the part of academics and bureaucratic scientists. The ‘best’ scientists are apparently the biggest idiots….
Public full acceptance of evolution in this Darwinian brand would probably be a disaster and a cultural calamity.
Not even religion at its worst is this bad.

Biologists have failed to grasp what evolution is: DMR might give some hints about what science is going wrong.

Meanwhile the New Age groups have produced still another baloney sphere in the ‘evolutionary enlightenment’ and ‘spiritual evolution’ muddles.

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