Tailing the devil /2011/09/08/tailing-the-devil/

Tailing the devil


2011/09/07 at 1:24 am

Yes, but some examples please, of the ‘villainous ghost’ of G’s phantom…otherwise the title of this blog….

It’s all a bit vague nemo….? Can you give a specific case of G’s demonic influence today? Give it to me…

I was in a group for a few years in Paris and have yet to see what would ignite your hatred. Stupid yes, too much money, yes…but hey why not pick on Scientology. All this smells of some personal experience that you choose not to disclose…What experience have you of a gurdfieffian group…I know many people hated the NYC centre under “Lord Pentland”
Give us some real demonic stories to chew on – and please not from some tacky bk written x years ago

Good questions here. I have made clear the basis of my hostility, which springs as directly from the world of the sufis and of EJ Gold. But let us say you are right, it is ‘personal’. But even so, the objective indicators of critique are there: the teaching of Gurdjieff is not on the level. Much of it is simply made up, or baloney, like the enneagram.
I have ‘disclosed’ quite lot over the past few years, often in veiled language.
You seem to wish to call my bluff. Do so, it is no bluff. But my basic strategy is beyond the personal: just to warn a new generation not to be so trusting of what is going on here. It is very dangerous to be unconsciously hypnotized and used as a robot by demonic occultists. You ask for specifics. Maybe all you can get is warnings…
More on this soon…

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