Teleology, epochs, and the Indic religious mainline beyond ‘hinduism’/2012/07/25/teleology-epochs-and-the-indic-religious-mainline/

Teleology, epochs, and the Indic religious mainline beyond ‘hinduism’

The issue of teleology is really about the form that it takes, as a succession of epochs, the Axial Age being the onset of one such era. It is important to consider that Indian religion is bound up in the progression of epochs, and to rescue the core of Indian religion from its Hindu distortions

World history, teleology, and scientific flatlanderhood
The difficulty of visualizing world history, with PDF link to full text….

People have a hard time with the ‘macro effect’ visible in world history: the evidence is conclusive for some kind of developmental logic, but it is unfamiliar to most people, whose first impression is often wrong.
There is a real problem with summarizing such a huge data set, and general knowledge of world history is very low.
In any case, the core data of the Axial Age (which is hard enough for most, given scientific stonewalling) makes no sense in isolation, and forces the issue of a larger set of ‘axial’ intervals, which leads to a suspicion about teleology, the one thing scientists are going to deny to the bitter end.

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