The issue of human evolution/2012/06/05/the-issue-of-human-evolution/

The issue of human evolution

The Darwin bluff on human evolution/Darwiniana
A good book for New Agers confused by evolutionary debates
Descent of Man Revisited

The application of Darwinism to human evolution is a huge bluff, and the way world history shows something different should consitute a falsification, but the Darwin establishment knows they can get away with a lie here.

The Rustling in the bushes…
We began with a challenge to find, at a minimum, the ‘rustling
in the bushes’ that would constitute evidence of the non-random,
thence of some ‘systems action’, dynamic or design, visible as
a surface effect (phenomenon) before a suspected ‘deep action’
The Evidence of World History The existence of a clear
derandomized pattern in world history puts an immdediate
block against attempted Darwinization of world history via
reductionist theories. Such a thing is not supposed to exist,
but it pervades our visible history, as the stock of Darwinian
speculation plummets for the history/evolution that is not visible.
Falsifying Darwinism Karl Popper claimed that Darwinism
was not falsifiable. But our demonstration has clearly come
close to falsifying Darwinian theories of human evolution: they
cannot be claimed as science.
Evolution: the bottom line The public is under tremendous
pressure to accept the Darwinian framework on the grounds that
it is science, in a struggle with religion. But Darwinism is clearly
a pseudo-science, and has lost the real meaning of evolution.
Facts and Values The question of science is sidelined step one in
the way our evolutionary matrix is based on the value domain
in relation to facts. This tells us immediately that standard
reductionism fails, and that evolutionary ‘science’ is beyond the
purely physical. We must resist the propaganda of religionists
attempting to claim this as their monopoly. There is no science
(yet) of evolution in the standard sense.
Dangers of Social Darwinism Darwinian theory is an accident
waiting to happen, and the false hope that human self-evolution
via eugenics can create evolution via Social Darwinist scenarios
is an ongoing fallacy of reductionist literalists. There is a
real danger of doing damage to human potential with these
delusive ideologies, which are also the mainstays of economic
exploitation. Darwin lunatics should be considered ‘armed and
dangerous’ theoretically.

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