Thirty years of EJ Gold voodoo was enough!! /2011/03/29/thrity-years-of-ej-gold-voodoo-was-enough/

Thirty years of EJ Gold voodoo was enough!!

Thirty years is a long time!
People who attack me are generally outsiders who know nothing beyond what they read in Ouspensky, and don’t seem to grasp the reality, which Gurdjieff more than indicated by warning that he was a devil. You are NOT required to think much of someone who is a devil.

As for EJ Gold he is almost worse, because he has no teaching at all, parasitically uses Ouspensky to attract victims and in general uses a stand up comedy routine to hide his lack of any intelligence.

He also gave a warning, back in the seventies, his mafia rap when he said he would select certain people for mafia contract treatment, ie. would try to kill them using black magic.. in the name of the work, but in reality as a sufi at the time warned me, to ‘consume’ the essence of victims driven to insanity.
It didn’t work for me!!!!
Those who think the guru/surrender game with a teaching is what is going on with him should reflect on the reason someone who endured thirty years of Gold’s style of attempted assassination would be constantly wary, without let up, day after day, year after year.

Most people would simply die of shock to know the reality behind the really stinking sufi bullshit out front.

Asshole here should be grateful the ‘work’ gang ignores them.

I was once told by a sufi type to go see a movie called Jeremiah Johnson (a forgettable, but not uncharming Robert Redford movie of the seventies), about a mountain man who lived in the Rockies and had to be constantly vigilant to survive endless Indian warriors out to get his scalp). There was no point at which the danger would pass, or any resolution of the mindless danger. The astral passage is like that, a field of demons, and in that morass gangsters like Gold and Gurdjieff. The point is that there is no point at which you can say enough, let’s do something else. Like Jeremiah Johnson the ‘threat’ was costant twentyfour hours a day forever.

The idea of the ‘work’ is a joke so sick I have to wonder.

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